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It is very common to see golfers gripping the club too tightly, along with too much tension and tightness throughout the forearms and biceps in the swing. This results in using too much of your upper body strength as your dominant power source. This FEELS powerful but isn’t nearly as effective as what can be accomplished by using ground force pressure and a proper sequence of events. Allow your lower body enough time to use the ground to generate speed, as your core/hips soon after will also generate clubhead speed and proper path/positions of the club will be more achievable.

Swing Drill: Making the change starts with working on lighter grip pressure so that you can feel the core and lower body working in sync with the weight of the clubhead. To lighten grip pressure, imagine you are holding a full tube of toothpaste in your hands as if it were the golf club grip, with the cap off the tube and pointing down. Feel that you’re holding the toothpaste throughout the swing with a light enough pressure that no paste will squeeze out. Hitting practice balls with light grip pressure and without tension throughout your arms will allow you to sense the weight of the clubhead. Once you develop a correct feel for the core/hips working in unison with the clubhead, you will achieve better results.

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PGA Golf Professional Adam Coates is here to serve all of your lesson needs. Whether you are an advanced golfer, a beginner, or just looking to enjoy the game more, Adam looks forward to helping you reach your golfing goals!

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Adam Coates
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