Group Outings

A Premium Golf Experience

The staff at Spencer Golf and Country Club invites all businesses and organizations to consider letting us serve you an enjoyable day of golf. Many organizations host group golf outings each year as a fundraising opportunity by inviting friends to register to play in their event to support a cause. We can help teach you some of the many ways to raise funds during your day. The thought of raising $5,000 to $15,000 or more while having fun is not out of reach with our help. Other groups choose to have a golf outing as an opportunity to reward their staff and/or clients to an opportunity to get away from the normal workday and bond together.

Spencer Golf, #10 Backwards

Utilize Our Team

We are highly experienced in all phases of your special day. This includes everything from golf carts being neatly staged with your player names posted, to custom printed scorecards, event information sheets with sponsor recognition, flag prizes, and of course our incredible golf course which has received Golf Digest’s four and a half star rating. Your participants will all arrive, tee off, and finish at the same time of the day in what is called a shotgun start. The most popular event format is a 4-Person Best Shot, where the four players in each group are a team that plays each shot from the location of their best shot hit. This format takes the pressure off of everyone and allows for a fun and relaxing day.¬†

A Complete Experience

After the round of golf, your players and perhaps other employees and/or clients that didn’t golf will arrive to be served the special meal of your choice in our beautiful clubhouse that accommodates as many as 200 guests. Business meetings can be held before or after the round of golf as well. Please contact us if we can answer any questions. Perhaps a smaller-sized group of 5, 10, or 20 players is of interest to you instead…we’d love to host your group of any size.

Spencer Golf, Clubhouse, Looking East

Outing Information and Policies

  • Golf Outing Rates – 18 Holes and 1/2 Golf Cart
  • 100+ Golfers $43.00 per player (tax included – rates are for Monday or Thursday events)
  • 50-99 Golfers $45.00 per player (tax included – rates are for Monday or Thursday events)
  • Due to the need to pay premium rates to bring in extra leased golf carts, extra golf carts needed for non-golfers to use during the day are billed $40.00 per golf cart. Reduced golf rates are offered for golfers in your outing that are members of Spencer Golf & Country Club
  • Professional Services Provided by Spencer Golf & Country Club
    • Golf carts aligned in order in the staging area with player”≥ names on the golf carts
    • Pencils and printed scorecards on each golf cart
    • Event sheets with format details on each golf cart
    • Results ready within 30 minutes of the last scorecard received
  • Checklist of Tasks for the Group Organizer
    • A final list of participants must be submitted at least two days in advance for all outings. There are always last-minute changes, but the staff needs time to prepare tournament materials.
    • The organizer shall have volunteers to do any tournament registration and check-in necessary. The Country Club will have staff in the golf cart area to help golfers find their golf cart.
    • The golf professional needs to know how many golf carts will be needed for the golfers at least 7 days before the tournament. Carts that are reserved but not needed may be billed $40.00 per golf cart to cover the club’s cost.
  • Food and Beverage Service
  • Food and beverages are not allowed to be brought onto the golf course property by the group organizer or by individuals participating in the event. The clubhouse concession area will have food and beverage available for purchase. The players will pass near the clubhouse on their way to hole #1, #10, and #16.

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