PGA Junior League Registration

PGA Junior League Registration is Now Available!
PGA Jr. League is a fun opportunity for both boys and girls to learn how to play the golf course. PGA Professional Adam Coates of Spencer Golf & Country Club and PGA Professional Randy Rohlfsen of Emerald Hills will lead the PGA Junior League. We look forward to an exciting year of team matches and development of course etiquette and learning through experience on the course. We will host an opening orientation night which will include jersey presentation and ice cream for the kids, followed by six dates of 9 hole matches for each team. During the course of a competition, teams play 9-hole matches in a popular two-person scramble format. Players can be substituted every three holes, so that all of the golfers on each team can participate. To be eligible, students must not turn 14 before August 1st, 2021. The PGA recommends a minimum age of 8, but we allow advanced/ experienced 7 year old students to be involved if they are ready for it. Registration is $110.00 per student and must be done online through the PGA of America.

Changes for 2021: Spencer Golf & Country Club is now going to have our own league, teaming up along with Emerald Hills Golf Club. We’ve seen this coming for a few years…. In past years we’ve played against The Ridge G.C., Landsmeer G.C. and Rock Valley G.C., but all have all seen large growth in participant size and we ourselves had 46 players on our SGCC teams last year! One advantage of this split is we will now have our own eight player All-Star Team! This year our All-Star team will represent us on Monday, July 26th at Fremont Country Club in Fremont, NE. The first place team at this Section tournament will advance to Regionals. This event is earlier than in past years so as we get into June, we will start working on qualifying methods to determine our All-Star team. If a family is not interested in making this commitment and this road trip, it is not a problem to opt out. Our PGA Jr. League will have a small amount of golf instruction…. the main benefit with our league is for youth to first and foremost have fun, but also to gain course situational strategy and course etiquette experience in the matches. Swing fundamentals and instruction would come much more from signing up for the golf clinics week hosted in June, or by scheduling individual golf lessons. $75.00 of the $110.00 PGA Junior League registration fee goes to the PGA of America, to provide us their jerseys and other accessories the kids will receive, and postseason All-Star opportunities.
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