9-9-9 Triple Play Tournament

Sign Up Today for the 2-Person 9-9-9 Triple Play Tournament  

Sunday, June 4th – 27 Hole Event
Tee Times on Back 9 – 7:00 am to 9:40 am
USGA Handicap is Required to Play This Event

Note: To fairly compete with these formats, it is recommended that partners have 18 hole handicaps that are within 10 strokes of one another. This year, if a team has a wider gap in handicaps, the higher handicap will be reduced to be 10 strokes above the lower handicap player.

9 Holes Best Ball Format 
Each player plays their own ball and is awarded 90% of their handicap. The best one score each hole is the team’s score.

9 Holes Best Shot Scramble Format 
Each team is allowed 35% of the lower player’s handicap plus 15% of higher player’s handicap.   

9 Holes Shamble/Alternate Shot   (Both players tee off, then select best option and play alternate shot the rest of the hole) Team handicap is 50% of player’s handicaps totaled.  

Choose your foursome!  

Entry Fee is $20.00 per member 
$50.00 per non-member ($30.00 is for green fee) Cart fee is additional  

The event will only take a portion of the day’s tee times, so there will still be golf course availability for other groups if you are not interested in playing in the tournament.
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