Golf Course Guidelines

  1. All groups must check in with the golf shop staff before teeing off.
  2. In the peak season, tee times begin at 7:30 am on Monday through Friday and at 6:45 am on Saturday and Sunday. Tee time reservations are encouraged but not required.
  3. Appropriate apparel is required on the course and around the clubhouse. Please refer to the club website for all dress code details.
  4. Please pause for no more than five minutes after playing the front 9 to avoid forfeiting your position on the golf course. A group would need to check with the golf shop staff for possibilities of continued play if stopping for a longer period of time.
  5. No outside beverages are allowed on the golf course. Do not dispose of sunflower seed shells on the ground/golf course.
  6. Music played on the course shall be contained to a volume that it is not heard by other groups. Please also ensure that other golfers in your pairing are okay with listening to your music.
  7. Expect that fivesomes are not desired on the course. Please help us to ensure an enjoyable experience for all golf groups by planning to play in groups of four or less. The golf professional may in many circumstances allow fivesomes who are starting play after 3:00pm, but before 3:00pm on peak season days does not work well.
  8. Local resident social dining members are permitted to play golf up to two times per year for a guest green fee rate, as well as are eligible to play in some various tournaments beyond those rounds. Local resident non-members who are not social members are allowed to play golf one time per year, as well as eligible for some various tournaments beyond the single round. Join the fun! A golfing membership is invited and encouraged!

Golf Cart Usage Guidelines

  1. Golf carts must remain at least 30 feet from all greens. A good practice to make into a habit is to keep your cart on the flatter terrain and to not drive up onto the sidehills of the greens. Please use cart paths where available around greens.
  2. Keep golf carts on “cart paths only” when in the area of the tee boxes which possess a cart path. Every single hole except hole #13 and #18 has a cart path to use while on the tee box. Hole #13 will have cart path added in the coming weeks!
This golf cart was left on the flatter ground level, a proper distance away from the green! Thank you!
This golf cart is up on the hill and is much too close to the green. A new irrigation system cannot prevent the damage of compaction caused by cart traffic. This compaction prevents water from infiltrating and weakens the root structure of the grass in these important areas where those delicate chip shots from just off the green take place.
  1. A handicap flag is available in the golf shop for guests who are in need of a special exemption to make others aware that they need to be able to drive closer to the greens. If an SGCC member needs such a flag for year-round use, please let us know.
    • handicap-flag
  2. The Board of Directors is asking for members to start returning to pairing up together on golf carts and using only two carts per foursome. As we were riding carts separately through dry conditions last year, the significant increase in cart traffic put much more wear and tear on the course.
  3. Students must be at least 16 years of age to drive a rented golf cart.
  4. Students who are at least 14 years of age with a driving permit are allowed to drive their parent’s privately owned cart with parent’s permission.
  5. The loaning of member-owned golf carts to other parties is not permitted. You will be charged a trail fee if you loan out your cart when you are not present. The only exception is during the four days of the Northwest Amateur Tournament.

Golf Course - Common Weekly Activities

  • Wednesday – Please note that the course is reserved from 10:00am to 5:15pm for the large quantity of men utilizing their Men’s Day tee times each week. All are welcome to reserve tee times on Wednesday mornings for play at 9:45am or earlier. Youth male golfers may accompany their father in the afternoon at 3:30pm or later. All golfers are also welcome to schedule tee times on Wednesdays on Hole #1 for tee times starting at 5:30pm and after.
  • Thursday –Thursday Night Men’s League is very well participated in and on the evenings of matches, the course will be closed and reserved for league starting at 6:00pm for a shotgun start. Play is usually quite open and available right up until 6:00pm so feel free to play until that time.
  • Note: On Tuesday evenings, open play is often limited to nine holes as the Ladies league is usually utilizing the opposite nine. On Friday evenings, open play is often limited to 9 holes as Friday Night Couples Golf is often utilizing the opposite nine holes.

Weekend Mornings

  • Saturday/Sunday Morning are typically busier times with many groups playing. In trying to ensure an enjoyable experience for all golf groups at these busier times, we encourage seeking out friends to play with as pace of play is typically at a threesome or foursome pace. If playing as a single, it works best to play in the earliest portion of the morning so you can get out ahead of the bulk of play.
  • Saturday/Sunday Morning…. Hole #10 – The golf shop staff is instructed to not allow any play to tee off on the Hole #10 tee until after 8:30am, so that the grounds crew can efficiently get the course mowed without delays and can stay ahead of play. Advanced tee times are encouraged, starting on Hole #1.

Driving Range Guidelines

  1. Non range pass holders must purchase range balls each day that they utilize the range. Portions of bags are not to be saved from a previous day.
  2. Please aim towards the center of the range enough that errant shots are not getting to 18th Street
  3. Long Hitters – If you find you are able to hit it through the back of the driving range, please do not hit driver/fairway wood on the range that day. Please monitor your distances to keep the balls on the range.
  4. If wanting to hit off of grass on the west end of range, please do so at your own risk, while watching for big hitters on the regular tee (east end) hitting towards you.  ALSO, please only hit shots a distance of 200 YARDS OR LESS from the west end (no woods) as we do not want any risk of golfers on the normal east end being hit.
Let’s take pride as a membership to always…..
  • Be courteous to all other golf groups (think of others first)
  • Take pride in proper care and respect for the golf course itself