9/36 Challenge

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The 9/36 Challenge

What is the 9/36 Challenge? Student members are challenged to play the course from a designated distance below and work to achieve a passing score as they develop their skills! The 9/36 challenge is especially a great way to improve on chipping and putting, mental game, goal setting, and honesty/integrity (to hole out and score each hole correctly).

The four levels of the 9/36 Challenge to try and score a 36 or lower are…

  • Level 1 – 25 yards from the green
  • Level 2 – 100 yards from the green
  • Level 3 – 150 yards from the green
  • Level 4 – Tee off from green tee boxes

We encourage all youth golfers as young as age 4 and up through high school to take the 9/36 Challenge. For those who have reached high school, we will award prizes for passing Level 3 and/or Level 4. Any youth golfer who is able to pass all four levels before high school graduation is highly skilled and is certainly ready to enjoy the game for a lifetime!

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